Amy Coney Barrett hearing live: Watch final day of confirmation hearings


Thursday marks the fourth and final day of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

The Committee is set to hear witness statements from eight experts, four chosen by Democrats and four by Republicans. They include two from the American Bar Association, which call Barrett “well qualified” for the job.

The association will discuss its positive evaluation of Barrett’s qualifications related to “integrity, professional competence and judicial temperament.”

The jurist, 48, will not be present on Capitol Hill Thursday after fielding hours of questioning from lawmakers over the past two days. The first day was reserved for opening statements.

Also on Thursday, the GOP-led Judiciary Committee will begin the formal procedure of considering Barrett’s nomination, paving the way for a committee vote on approving it on Oct. 22.

The matter would then go for a full Senate vote the week of Oct. 26.

With a Republican-controlled Senate, Barrett’s confirmation to the highest court in the land is all but assured — and would cement a 6-3 conservative majority on the bench.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett responds to a question during the third day of her Senate confirmation hearing.Michael Reynolds/Pool via Reuters

The conservative appellate judge is President Trump’s third nominee to the Supreme Court.

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