Trump says Amy Coney Barrett would have no conflict of interest in an election dispute


President Trump said on Thursday during a combative NBC News “town hall” event that his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has no conflict of interest and should be able to vote “for or against” him in an election dispute.

Trump, who previously said the court needs nine judges for a potential dispute, said Barrett could rule objectively on any case.

“I think she will have to make that decision. I don’t think she has any conflict at all,” Trump said.

“It would be totally up to her,” Trump said.

“I would think that she would be able to rule either for me or against me. I don’t see any conflict whatsoever. We have an election coming up. I think it’s the most important election in the history of our country.”

Trump said he hopes an election dispute “doesn’t ever get to the Supreme Court, but if it did, I would think that she would rule one way or the other. I would think so.”

For months, Trump predicted a bitter court battle due to an upsurge in mail-in ballots amid the COVID-19 pandemic.