Hong Kong activist ‘Grandma Wong’ returns to protests after detention


Chinese authorities detained an elderly Hong Kong activist known as “Grandma Wong” for more than a month and kept her from returning to the region for more than a year, she claims.

Alexandra Wong, 64, had disappeared from the streets of Hong Kong in August, 2019. She said she had been detained by Chinese police and held in custody at various detention centers where she was subjected to mental abuse as she tried to return to her home in Shenzhen last year.

During her detention, Wong was packed into 200 square foot cells where up to 26 people were forced to sleep, she said. She also said she was interrogated almost every day about her participation in the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.

“I didn’t know what crime I committed,” she said, adding after her detention she was sent to the province of Shaanxi for a five-day “patriotic camp” in September 2019. Later, when she was allowed to travel to Shenzhen, she received regular visits by national security officers, who prevented her from returning to Hong Kong for 14 months.