UK man goes viral after tweeting ‘I am not ok,’ gets thousands of replies


A depressed British man who reached out for support on Twitter Friday received thousands of positive messages from around the world.

“I am not ok,” tweeted Edmund O’Leary, a trustee of a mental health non-profit in Epsom, near London. “Feeling rock bottom. Please take a few seconds to say hello if you see this tweet.”

O’Leary received more than 200,000 likes and more than 70,000 messages of support.

Matt Tait, in Lawrence, Kansas, sent O’Leary a photograph of a sunset that he took at his in-laws’ farm. “Hope it brings a smile to your face, peace to your heart and inspires you to have a good Saturday,” Tait tweeted.

Others sent photographs of flowers and offered tips on how to feel better, including playing with dogs and “hugging your family.”

Even the Dublin Airport tweeted photos to O’Leary, who describes himself as an aviation enthusiast. “We see you like 747s; here’s one just for you, along with a picture of dawn in Dublin,” the tweet says.