Illegals in NY will be able to vote

A new law in the state of New York will allow illegal aliens to obtain driver licenses. This is the first step in allowing illegals to vote in the elections as nobody will check citizenship at the urns.

Democrats are being very sneaky here. There are 725,000 illegal aliens that will be eligible for these licenses, most of them (if not all) would vote democrat. Remember, DMVs are used to enroll voters and to get them to choose their party affiliation.

This is how you steal elections. Forget about Russia putting a few adds on Facebook, Democrats are experts at cheating domestically. They change the rules of the game to favor them by passing laws like these.

California is another state that does the same thing for the obvious reasons, to change the rules and steal elections.

Upstate New Yorkers and suburban voters are really upset about this and are very much against this new law. 62% of upstate New Yorkers are against it according to a Siena College poll.