Joe Biden Done with Bernie Sanders: ‘We’ve Had Enough Debates’

Democrat presidential front runner Joe Biden doesn’t want another debate with rival Bernie Sanders.

Biden fielded four questions via Zoom from media outlets on Wednesday — Bloomberg News, an obscure teen blogger, Associated Press, and CNN — and in the final answer, he said there should be no additional debates.

“I think we’ve had enough debates. I think we should get on with this,” Biden told reporters.

Sanders, meanwhile, said he will show up to a debate in April if there is one.

“If there is a debate in April, he plans to be there,” Sanders spokesman Mike Casca told the Washington Post.

Biden broadcast the Q & A on Periscope, which garnered less than 4,000 real-time viewers.

Kyle Olson is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @KyleOlson4.