Sen. Tom Cotton: Denying Antifa Is In Portland Is Like ‘Denying There Were American Tanks In Baghdad’


Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton likened denial of antifa’s presence in Portland to Iraqi propagandists denying there were American troops in Baghdad during a Monday Fox News appearance.

“[Democratic New York Rep.] Jerry Nadler denying antifa is in Portland is kind of like ‘Baghdad Bob’ denying there were American tanks in Baghdad back in the day. I mean, you can just look at the videos posted in recent weeks. People are carrying  the flag of antifa and wearing t-shirts and spray painting it on buildings,” Cotton told “Fox & Friends.”

He was referring to a Twitter post Monday where Nadler responded, “That’s a myth” when asked about antifa’s activities in Oregon.

Cotton acknowledged that there were other people involved in both the peaceful demonstrations and violent riots that have rocked Portland for two months.

“Obviously that’s not the only people on the streets in Portland, but there’s no question there are professional instigators and agitators on the streets in Portland who are trying to stir up violence,” Cotton said.

The senator called it “a sad situation, that people who want to protest peacefully or demonstrate for any cause can’t do so without these instigators and agitators trying to infiltrate their protest and use them for their own purposes.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to gather and assess intelligence on rioters, a senior department official revealed Thursday. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Portland Rioters Burn American Flag, Break Down Fencing At Federal Courthouse As Officers Respond En Masse)

Protests and riots in Portland have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in damages to the community, according to the Portland Tribune. (RELATED: Maxine Waters: Sending ‘Paramilitary Police’ To Cities May Be Trump’s Plot To Stay In Power)

Federal officers deploy tear gas and less-lethal munitions while dispersing a crowd of about a thousand protesters in front of the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse on Thursday, July 24, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

Despite enduring 60 days of nightly rioting, Portland’s political leaders are resisting federal assistance.

Democratic Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer said Monday that “Portland, Oregon is not out of control” during a speech on the House floor.

A demonstration began peacefully Thursday night, but soon deteriorated into chaos with crowds shouting, “Pigs go home.”