House Judiciary Republicans Send Letter To Nadler Demanding He ‘Denounce Violent Left-Wing Extremism’


A group of Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter Tuesday to Democratic Chairman Jerry Nadler demanding he denounce “left-wing violent extremism” and more.

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck, Republican Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson, and Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner sent the letter to Nadler also saying he needs to acknowledge “Antifa violence.” The group also criticized Nadler for calling antifa a “myth that’s only being spread in Washington, D.C.”

“You have wasted the first twenty months of your chairmanship on fruitless partisan investigations in furtherance of your obsession with attacking President Trump. We urge you not to waste any more time. The jurisdiction of the Judiciary Committee provides you with a unique authority to condemn the violence and disorder in Democrat-run cities,” the letter reads.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) (Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

The group then requested a list of actions they would like to see Nadler and Democrats take to help prevent further violence. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Here Is The Full Witness List For The Congressional Hearing On Antifa Violence)

“We need leaders on the left to stand up and denounce ANTIFA for taking over Democrat-run cities and inciting violence. Our cities won’t get any safer by pretending this domestic terrorism group doesn’t exist, we need to recognize the destruction ANTIFA has caused and stop the violence on our streets,” Buck told the Daily Caller when asked about the letter to Nadler.

“There are two specific actions that you can take now to help restore law and order to Democrat-run American cities: 1. Publicly and forcefully denounce left-wing violent extremism and acknowledge that leftwing violence is neither “imaginary” nor a “myth.” 2. Immediately convene a hearing of the Judiciary Committee to examine the civil unrest caused by left-wing violent extremists in Democrat-run cities. This is an issue of life and death that the Committee must not ignore,” the letter continues. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Portland’s Latest ‘Unlawful Assembly’ Fizzles Out After Officers Pinch Crowd From Multiple Sides)