The Big 10 Announces That The Conference Will Play Football In The Fall


The Big 10 has officially announced that the league will play football in the fall.

After reports that the votes had passed and Nebraska’s president saying as much on a hot mic, the B1G has finally made it official. After initially canceling the season, we’re back. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

I can’t believe the war is over. On August 11, Cowardly Kevin and other Big 10 leaders chose to steal B1G football from us.

What happened over the course of the next several weeks was a civil war that nobody asked to be a part of and nobody wanted.

Heroes rose up and led the masses in a fight to save the conference, and I’m grateful and thankful for every single person who served alongside me.

I never asked to be a hero. I never asked to be put in a position where my only purpose in life would be to save the Big 10. I’m just a kid from Wisconsin. I’m just a guy who likes the Badgers and beer.

I guess that’s the thing about being a hero. You never ask to be one. It just sometimes works out that way. I think I’ve watched this speech from “Band of Brothers” a dozen times since the vote happened.

I’m not sure there’s really much else that needs to be said. The war is over. Someday, we’ll look in the mirror and ask at what price victory came.

That’s a debate for another day. For now, the Big 10 is back and that’s all that matters.