British toddler dies after taking drug-dealer dad’s cocaine


A 3-year-old British girl died from a heart attack after taking her drug dealer dad’s cocaine, the UK’s High Court has ruled.

The London girl — who cannot be identified for legal reasons — was described as “a playful, cheeky and loving little girl with all of her life to live” by the judge, who The Sun identified as Justice Williams.

Doctors suspected sepsis or meningitis when the toddler, only referred to as “K,” collapsed last April — but post-mortem results showed cocaine in her bloodstream.

The judge blamed both parents, the dealer dad for bringing the coke to the house and the mother for turning a “blind eye” to it being there because she was a regular drug-taker, The Sun said.

“If ever there was a lesson of the perils of drug misuse, this provides it,” the judge said in ruling on the cause of death.

“Whether this family is able to learn from this tragedy remains to be seen. I hope they and others do,” he said. The couple’s four other children were all removed from their care, the paper said.

The death led to an investigation by Scotland Yard. Six people arrested last year in connection with the case were released pending an ongoing investigation by the specialist crime command, a spokesperson told the paper.