Steelers Linebacker Bud Dupree Buys A Watch Worth $80,000


Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree recently made an absurd purchase.

According to TMZ, Dupree bought himself a diamond watch that’s worth an estimated $80,000. The watch features 30 carats of diamonds. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

You can see a photo of it in the tweet below.

I will never understand why some athletes spend their money in this fashion. It makes no sense to me at all.

Does Dupree not own a cell phone that can tell him the time? Of all the ways to drop $80,000, buying a watch is right near the top of the list.

Again, it’s Dupree’s money, and he’s welcome to do whatever he wants with it. However, will this purchase make him more money in the long run?

Absolutely not. No chance in hell.

Unless the item you’re buying will appreciate in value, there’s next to no reason to drop $80,000 on just about anything. That’s just basic financial common sense.