The FBI has arrested a man and a woman for their alleged involvement in a plot to attack five power grid substations in California and cause extensive damage to the state’s electrical infrastructure.

The suspects, identified as 22-year-old Brandon Alexander Colson and 23-year-old Brittany Nicole Adams, are both residents of Fresno, California. Both are being held in federal custody pending a hearing scheduled for Friday.

According to the FBI, Colson and Adams were inspired by extremist views and had discussed launching a violent attack against five power grid substations in California. They had allegedly discussed targeting the substations because they believed that it would cause significant damage to the state’s electrical infrastructure.

The FBI arrested the suspects after receiving a tip from an individual who had learned of the plot. Agents then conducted a search of the suspects’ residences and uncovered evidence of their plans, including materials related to their alleged attack.

The FBI has not released any additional details about their investigation, and the suspects have yet to be formally charged. However, they are facing serious charges, including conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists.

The arrests of Colson and Adams come as a stark reminder that, even in the midst of a pandemic, extremists continue to pose a threat to national security. The FBI has warned that such individuals may attempt to use the pandemic as a cover to advance their agendas, and urged vigilance against the threat of domestic terrorism.

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