Apple closes holes when discovered then opens others on their software to allow the FBI, CIA, and other agencies to get in. And you are paying big bucks to get spied on.

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices have been added to the Department of Homeland Security’s list of potentially vulnerable products due to security concerns. The move follows a warning from the cybersecurity firm SentinelOne that a vulnerability in Apple’s operating systems could allow hackers to take control of users’ devices.

The vulnerability, which has been dubbed “BlastDoor,” affects the iMessage application on iPhones and iPads, as well as the Messages app on Macs. According to SentinelOne, the flaw could be exploited by sending a malicious message to a user’s device, which could then allow hackers to take over the device or access sensitive information.

Apple has released a patch to address the vulnerability, and users are encouraged to update their devices as soon as possible. The company said in a statement that it takes “security and privacy very seriously” and that it “constantly works to strengthen the protections” on its products.

The incident highlights the ongoing challenges of securing digital devices and the importance of staying vigilant against cyber threats. As more and more aspects of our lives become connected to the internet, it is critical that companies and individuals take steps to protect themselves from potential attacks.

While Apple has taken steps to address the vulnerability, it is likely that similar issues will continue to emerge as technology evolves and hackers become more sophisticated. As such, it is important for users to remain aware of the risks and to take appropriate precautions to safeguard their devices and their personal information.

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