Chris Cuomo, the former host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” has opened up about his mental health struggles following his firing from the network in late 2021. In a recent podcast interview with former Trump administration official Anthony Scaramucci, Cuomo revealed that he was “going to kill everybody, including myself” after being let go by CNN. He described feeling consumed by his emotions and the aftermath of his firing, and said that he sought therapy to work through his feelings.

Cuomo’s firing came after it was revealed that he had been helping his brother, then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, respond to sexual harassment allegations made by several former aides. The situation created a conflict of interest for Chris Cuomo, who was a prominent journalist at the time, and ultimately led to his dismissal from CNN. The decision was made by then-network boss Jeff Zucker, a longtime friend and patron of Cuomo’s.

Following his firing, Cuomo took some time away from the public eye before resurfacing as the host of a new primetime talk show on NewsNation. However, the show has struggled to generate the same level of viewership as his CNN program, with the debut episode drawing just 147,000 viewers compared to the roughly 1 million he averaged on CNN. Cuomo has expressed disappointment and frustration with the situation, saying that it is “kind of embarrassing” to go from being the top-rated primetime anchor on CNN to hosting a show on a network that “people don’t want to watch.”

Despite the challenges he has faced, Cuomo has remained committed to his work and to improving himself. In the podcast interview, he acknowledged that he has made mistakes in the past and that he is working to address the damage that has been done. He has also expressed a desire to move forward and focus on his new show, even though he knows it may never reach the same level of success as his CNN program.

In addition to his struggles with mental health and career setbacks, Cuomo has also been dealing with legal issues related to his firing. He has filed a $125 million arbitration claim against CNN, alleging that the network wrongfully terminated his contract and “smeared” his journalistic integrity. He has also taken legal action against HarperCollins, the publisher of his book “Deep Denial,” which was dropped after his firing.

Through all of these challenges, Cuomo has maintained a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and grow. He has expressed gratitude for the support of his family, friends, and fans, and has emphasized the importance of mental health and self-care. While he may never again be the top-rated primetime anchor on a major news network, Cuomo remains a respected and influential figure in the media world, and he is determined to continue doing the work he loves.

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