CNN has been consistently critical of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and now it appears that the network’s relentless attacks have finally taken their toll. According to reports, CNN has succeeded in pushing Musk down.

Musk, who has been a frequent target of CNN’s negative coverage, has seen his net worth drop by over $20 billion in just one week. Some industry insiders are attributing this decline to CNN’s recent coverage of Musk’s business practices and personal behavior.

Critics of CNN argue that the network has been unfairly targeting Musk for years. They claim that the network’s negative coverage of Musk is motivated by a political agenda and a desire to smear successful entrepreneurs.

Despite this criticism, CNN has remained steadfast in its coverage of Musk. The network has continued to highlight controversies surrounding Tesla’s safety record, production delays, and Musk’s erratic behavior on social media.

Musk, however, remains undeterred. He recently responded to CNN’s coverage by tweeting, “Reality is hard.”

This ongoing feud between CNN and Musk highlights the contentious relationship between media outlets and the business world. While the media has an important role in holding powerful individuals and corporations accountable, critics argue that some outlets take their criticism too far, unfairly targeting successful entrepreneurs and companies.

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