Kaepernick is hungry for more attention and is running out of things to call racist.

On Thursday, Colin Kaepernick faced harsh backlash on social media after he spoke out about his white adoptive parents “perpetuating racism” during an interview with CBS News. The former 49er opened up about disagreements he had with his adoptive parents, which he attributed to racism.

One incident that Kaepernick cited was when his adoptive mother expressed concern about his decision to braid his hair in cornrows, similar to NBA player Allen Iverson. She warned him that his hair looked “not professional” and “a little thug.”

Kaepernick spoke about how these incidents affected him and how he navigated the situations. He also mentioned that they have informed his decision to keep his hair long to this day.

Twitter users lashed out at Kaepernick, accusing him of being ungrateful for attacking the couple who took him into their home. They criticized him for calling out his own parents, the police, the NFL, tennis shoes, and even his own country as racist. Some said that household pets might be next on his list of accusations.

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