Marjorie Taylor Greene, a congresswoman from Georgia, was attacked while out to lunch with her family at a restaurant in Alpharetta, Georgia. The attacker was described as an “insane woman” who was “completely out of control.”

Witnesses said the woman, Liz Heinbuch, yelled at Greene and called her an “anti-Semite” and a “racist” before shoving her. Greene’s husband and son attempted to intervene and protect her, but the woman continued to attack her.

Greene stated that the attack left her shaken and fearful for herself and her family. She said in a statement: “No American should ever fear for their safety in public because of their political views. We are better than this.”

Alpharetta police later arrested Heinbuch, charging her with battery. Many public figures and members of Greene’s party have expressed their concern for Greene and her family and have called for further investigation into the attack.

The incident highlights the growing intensity of political discourse and the need for individuals to respect the views and safety of others. The attack on Greene is a serious matter and should be taken seriously by authorities. It is important to remember that all citizens have a right to hold their own opinions and to voice them without fear of violence. Political dialogue should remain civil and respectful at all times

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