It was an AI disaster that will go down in history. During a demonstration of their new AI chatbot, Bard, Google lost over $100 billion when the chatbot made an error that caused their stock prices to plummet.

The demo was meant to show off the power of Google’s AI capabilities, and the company was confident that the AI would be able to handle any task given to it. However, during the demo, the chatbot made a costly mistake when it responded to a simple query incorrectly. The response caused the audience to gasp and the stock prices to plummet.

Google has since issued a statement apologizing for the error and assuring the public that the AI chatbot had been thoroughly tested before the demonstration. They are now working to determine the cause of the mistake and how to prevent similar errors in the future.

The incident has raised questions about the reliability of AI chatbots and has caused some experts to call for increased regulation and oversight of AI technology. There are also some concerns that Google may have been too eager to show off their AI capabilities and neglected to properly test their product before going public.

Google’s stock prices have since recovered somewhat, but the incident has left a stain on the company’s reputation and has sparked a debate about the risks of AI technology. This is a reminder that, although AI technology can be useful, it is not infallible and must be handled with caution.

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