When a Chinese research balloon drifted over Colorado last week, US authorities initially suspected it might be a spying device. However, after some investigation, they determined it likely came from China’s National Space Administration and presented no threat.

This incident has attracted some mockery from Chinese public who believe the US overreacted.

“This is ridiculous,” said Zhu Liang, a teacher in Beijing. “The Americans are making a fuss about nothing, as usual. It’s just a research balloon—it’s not like it was a bomber.”

Chinese netizens were also quick to mock the US reaction. “They should be afraid of their own monsters!” wrote one user on China’s Weibo, referring to the US military. “The Americans are too hypersensitive.”

Many others thought the incident was simply an overreaction. “It’s true, the US is making a mountain out of a molehill,” commented another user.

The incident has sparked a wider conversation amongst Chinese citizens about US foreign policy and its perceived militaristic tendencies. “We can all see how the US reacts to any perceived security threat,” said one user. “It’s a good reminder for us that US foreign policy still relies heavily on military solutions.”

The incident has also drawn attention to the US-China relationship. While some Chinese netizens have used it as an opportunity to criticize US foreign policy, many others have expressed hope that the two countries can continue to develop a relationship of mutual respect. “The US and China have so much to learn from each other,” commented one netizen. “This incident should be used as a sign of hope, not fear.”

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