We all saw this coming from a distance. The woke new justice that could not define what a woman was is at it again.

The Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling that upheld a minor’s right to go to court for permission to obtain an abortion, with Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson writing a dissenting opinion.

The high court said a state court clerk could not be sued for denying a pregnant teenager’s request for permission to get an abortion without her parents’ consent. The case was sent back to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals with instructions to dismiss it as moot.

Jackson argued that the Supreme Court should not have used the Munsingwear vacatur doctrine to dismiss the case. She said the doctrine should only be used in “extraordinary” or “exceptional” cases, and that this case was not one of them.

Jackson said it was unfair to deprive the teenager of her right to appeal the lower court’s ruling, which she said was wrongly decided. She said the clerk, Michelle Chapman, was responsible for making the case moot by agreeing to dismiss it.

“In my view, it is crucial that we hold the line and limit the availability of Munsingwear vacatur to truly exceptional cases,” Jackson insisted.

Jackson said the court’s decision could damage the principles of appellate.

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