It’s not chicken any longer, not that it ever was …

McDonald’s has announced the launch of a new plant-based menu item in select markets. The item, dubbed “McPlant,” is a vegetarian option similar to the company’s famous Chicken McNuggets.

The McPlant will be made with a blend of pea and rice protein, and will be breaded with vegan ingredients to make it suitable for those following a vegan or vegetarian diet. McDonald’s has been testing the McPlant in some markets over the past year, and the company plans to roll it out in additional markets in the coming months.

The move is part of McDonald’s broader efforts to cater to changing consumer preferences for healthier and more sustainable food options. In recent years, many fast food chains have introduced vegetarian and vegan menu items in response to increasing demand for plant-based options.

McDonald’s first hinted at the development of a plant-based menu item in 2019, and has since been experimenting with different formulations and recipes. The McPlant is the latest addition to the company’s vegetarian and vegan offerings, which include a vegetarian sandwich and vegan burger.

The company has not yet announced which markets will be the first to offer the McPlant, but it is expected to be available in the US and other countries in the near future. McDonald’s has also announced plans to reduce the environmental impact of its operations by sourcing more sustainable ingredients and reducing waste.

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