According to reports, Meghan Markle was reportedly so upset and overwhelmed by her portrayal in a recent South Park episode that her team had to send a cease and desist letter to the show’s creators.

The episode, titled “The Problem with a Poo,” centers around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as well as their son, Archie. The show portrays Meghan as a “pushy,” “controlling” and “overbearing” figure in the couple’s life, while Archie is presented as a spoiled brat.

The episode was met with mixed reviews. While some praised its comedy and wit, others felt that it was in poor taste and offensive.

Meghan Markle’s team has yet to confirm or deny the reports of their involvement in the episode. However, a source close to the royal family told the Daily Mail that Meghan was “upset and overwhelmed” by the episode and sent a cease and desist letter to the creators of South Park. The source also noted that Meghan “felt that this was an invasion of her privacy and an attack on her character.”

The episode has since been removed from streaming services at the request of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It is unclear if any legal action will be taken against South Park or its creators.

Despite the controversy, the episode has sparked conversations about the role that celebrities and public figures have in today’s society. It has also highlighted the importance of respecting the privacy of public figures and the need for greater sensitivity when discussing sensitive topics.

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