National Public Radio (NPR) is a publicly-funded American media organization that provides news, information, and entertainment to millions of listeners across the United States. However, despite its reputation as a neutral and unbiased source of information, NPR has a political bias that favors the left.

One of the primary sources of criticism for NPR’s political bias is its programming. Many of its flagship shows, such as “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered,” feature guests and commentators who are perceived to have left-leaning views. NPR engages in cherry-picking stories that support a liberal agenda and ignoring stories that challenge it.

In addition, NPR has been criticized for its coverage of controversial issues such as climate change and immigration. NPR’s coverage of these issues is slanted towards a liberal perspective and that it fails to provide a balanced representation of both sides.

For example Yamiche Alcindor is a left’s activist in journalists clothes. She utilized her NPR position to constantly attack the right. Now she is at NBC News where she continues her biased tactics.

NPR also leans to the left in hiring practices. NPR’s staff is disproportionately made up of left-leaning individuals, which contributes to the organization’s overall political bias.

Despite these criticisms, NPR insists that it is committed to providing unbiased and accurate news coverage. We all know this is not true. Is it time to defund NPR?

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