The recent sensationalist claims about Prince Harry, made by actor Rupert Everett, have been met with both skepticism and criticism. Everett had alleged that the Duke of Sussex had a “wild sex romp” with a group of women in his twenties, but many have questioned the veracity of the story.

The incident was said to have taken place in London, and Everett claimed that he had heard “second-hand whispers” about the event. However, these claims have been met with a chorus of doubt and opinions that Everett is simply looking for attention. Prince Harry has not commented on the story and has not been seen in public since the story broke.

What is clear is that Everett’s claims have created a media storm, with every news outlet touting the story as if it was true. But many are asking if the actor’s story is a case of “too good to be true” and are instead questioning his motivations.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have thus far remained silent on the matter, and it is unclear if the story is true or not. It could be that Everett is simply trying to garner attention or that the story originated from a third party, who may or may not have embellished the truth. Until more information is revealed, the truth of the matter remains a mystery.

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