Prosecutors allege that Alec Baldwin failed to attend a required gun safety course prior to a February 2019 incident in which he allegedly threatened a man with a handgun.

The incident, which occurred at a New York City parking garage, began when Baldwin and the other man became embroiled in a verbal altercation. The other man claimed that Baldwin threatened him with a handgun, and Baldwin later posted a video of the encounter on social media.

Now, prosecutors are alleging that Baldwin failed to attend a gun safety course prior to the incident, as is required by law for anyone who wishes to carry a firearm in public in New York City. According to prosecutors, Baldwin could be charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm if found guilty of the charge.

The prosecutors’ allegations add an additional layer of legal trouble for Baldwin, who is already facing charges for harassment, attempted assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. A trial is scheduled for March 18th.

Alec Baldwin has been an outspoken advocate for gun control in the past, arguing that firearms should be more tightly regulated and that assault weapons should be banned outright. His current legal troubles are sure to spark debate on the subject once again.

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