Seems like the Biden Administration wants a 3rd World war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a highly critical speech on the escalating turmoil in Ukraine, urging the international community to pursue a path of disarmament and warning against the dangers of nuclear arms treaties.

The speech, which was given at an international summit in Moscow, marked a dramatic shift in Putin’s stance towards the conflict in Ukraine. The Russian leader previously had taken a hardline stance against the Ukrainian government, accusing it of instigating a full-scale war against Russian-backed separatists in the eastern part of the country.

However, during his speech, Putin acknowledged the need for disarmament, saying that “the only way to peacefully resolve the conflict in Ukraine is through disarmament and negotiations.” He went on to urge the international community to come together to bring peace to the region.

Putin also warned against the dangers of signing any nuclear arms treaty, saying that it could lead to an arms race and further instability in the region. He also argued that any such treaty should only be signed if all parties involved can trust each other and be held accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, Putin’s speech highlighted the urgency of the situation in Ukraine, and the need for all parties involved to come together to resolve the conflict peacefully. He also emphasized the dangers of signing any potential nuclear arms treaty, cautioning against the consequences that could arise from such an agreement.

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