Mike Pence’s Indiana Home to Be Searched by FBI for Classified Material

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is set to conduct a search of former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home for potential classified material, according to reports.

The FBI, acting on a tip from an unnamed source, is expected to search Pence’s residence in Columbus, Indiana for information or material that may have been taken from the White House during the Trump administration.

Pence served in the Trump White House for four years and is believed to have taken with him documents and records from his time there. While it is not known precisely what the FBI is searching for, the agency has reason to believe that the material may contain classified information.

The FBI has not commented on the search, but Pence is reportedly cooperating with the investigation and has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

The search of Pence’s home comes amid heightened political tensions between the Biden administration and the Trump White House over accusations of improperly handling classified material. While the FBI search of Pence’s residence is not connected to this ongoing controversy, it is expected to add additional scrutiny to the Trump administration’s handling of classified material.

It is unclear at this time what, if any, information or material the FBI may uncover during its search of Pence’s home. It is also unclear whether the agency will take any action against Pence, or if the search is simply a precautionary measure.

No matter what the outcome of the search may be, it is clear that the Biden administration is taking a much more aggressive approach to the investigation of potential misconduct during the Trump administration.

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