Stacey Abrams, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, has joined the nonprofit organization Rewiring America as senior counsel. The group, which advocates for electrifying homes, businesses, and communities, is known for pushing to regulate and ban natural gas-powered stoves.

In her new role, Abrams will launch and scale a national awareness campaign to promote electrification, help connect Americans to clean energy jobs and incentives, and build tools and capacity. She expressed her commitment to reducing environmental and health injustices in communities without political power or economic opportunity.

Abrams is well-known for her political leadership, voting rights activism, and bestselling books. She has authored political works such as “Lead from the Outside” and “Our Time is Now,” as well as romance novels under the pen name Selena Montgomery.

Rewiring America’s co-founders, Alex Laskey, Saul Griffith, and Ari Matusiak, have pursued various wind, solar, and energy efficiency ventures, some of which have netted them millions of dollars in buyouts or received significant federal funding. The three co-founders have simultaneously advocated for policies benefiting their ventures through the nonprofit.

Despite having an increasingly prominent role guiding policies at the state and federal level, Rewiring America’s donors remain shielded from public view. The group is sponsored by the Windward Fund, a nonprofit that is part of the billion-dollar dark money network managed by Arabella Advisors in Washington, D.C.

Rewiring America has maintained that Americans must broadly electrify their homes in an effort to combat climate change and has advocated for massive climate programs that rival those introduced during the Great Depression and World War II. Activists have long argued in favor of electrification to reduce consumer dependence on natural gas and to ensure power across sectors is supplied by renewable sources like wind and solar.

Abrams’ new role with Rewiring America comes after she lost the 2022 Georgia gubernatorial election to incumbent GOP Gov. Brian Kemp for a second consecutive time.

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