Former US President Donald Trump is set to release a new book titled “Letters to Trump,” which promises to reveal letters sent to him by influential figures, including celebrities, politicians, and world leaders. The book is scheduled to be published on April 25th by Winning Team Publishing. However, some of the celebrities who have written letters to Trump are speaking out against the book, claiming that they did not give him permission to publish their correspondence.

Hillary Clinton and Jay Leno are among the celebrities who have publicly opposed the release of the book, claiming that Trump did not seek their consent to publish their letters. A representative for Jay Leno told Newsweek that Leno did not release or authorize any use of the letter he wrote to Trump. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Clinton said that it is obvious that Trump did not seek her permission to make their correspondence public. Clinton’s spokesperson also criticized Trump’s decision to publish the letters, saying that it is a sign of his insecurity.

Oprah Winfrey, who is also mentioned in the book, said that her views on Trump have changed since she wrote a letter to him more than two decades ago. In the letter, she mulled over the idea of them sharing a presidential ticket. Winfrey said that she was surprised to hear that the letter is going to be a part of the book. She also said that she is glad that she wrote the note, but she is not thinking about a dual ticket today.

Despite these celebrities’ claims that they did not give Trump permission to publish their letters, the publishing company said that they have either actual or implied consent for their publication. The spokesperson for Winning Team Publishing said that the book comprises a unique collection of correspondence from President Trump, public officials both foreign and domestic, and private individuals. For those in public office at the time, no copyright protection arises. For the last category, the company claims to have either actual or implied consent for their publication.

Trump has responded to the celebrities’ remarks on his social media platform, Truth Social. In response to Leno’s claim that he did not give Trump permission to publish the letter, Trump said, “Jay, you did when you sent it.” Speaking about Winfrey’s letter, Trump said, “Neither am I,” in response to her claim that she is not thinking about a dual ticket today.

Trump said that the book will show readers that he has lived a “very fascinating life.” He also joked that he knew all of the people who wrote letters to him, and every one of them kissed his ass. He added that now, only half of them are kissing his ass.

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